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An ironically buggy Halo CE bug-tracking system put together by insidi0us, a Halo 1 purist.

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(!) Note about audio (!)
Every Halo CE sound on this site was extracted from the original .map files using Halo Map Tools v3.5 by MonoxideC. They were then decoded using the XBOX ADPCM codec and saved in "PCM signed 16 bit mono" because said XBOX ADPCM codec is pretty ancient and not standard. The point is, the Halo CE sound files embedded here were not acquired using a microphone or stream recording, they are the real files from the actual game, quality-preserved to the best of my ability. The Halo MCC audio clips were all recorded by Mintograde, using the XBOne's DVR, in Gephyrophobia's flag room because that room has no background environment sounds.

The ultimate goal here is to restore the original sound palette from Halo CE, as the audio cues in multiplayer specifically are very recognizable, some of which do grossly affect gameplay (the very quiet frag grenade clink being one of the biggest offenders).

- insidi0us
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